The Process of Painful Pruning

Contrary to popular desire, the purpose of this life as a believer isn’t to be happy. The purpose is to become holy (set apart), and it is a lifelong journey of becoming more like Jesus.

To achieve this process, we’re told we will be pruned in John 15. Pruned specifically for a purpose:  so that we will produce fruit.

I’ve been through an intense season of pruning in my life and to be perfectly honest, it has been so painful. Relationships, destructive habits and deep-seeded beliefs all had to be cut away. The point of the process was not, however, the cutting away.  The point was to grow the good stuff, the fruit of the Spirit, which required cutting away the branches that were sucking the life out of me.

He pruned. I participated.

He cut away. I sometimes cried my way through the process.

But in the end, what a sweet understanding He has given to me. While Jesus loves us just the way we are— He also loves us too much to leave us that way.  Thank you, Lord.

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