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Teaching, I am convinced, is my calling and a spiritual gift.  But serving is commanded to all of us.

I think it’s important that you know where any speaker or teacher you consider inviting to your event is serving, that you can see obedience to Christ’s command to “go and make disciples” being lived out in their lives (Matthew 28).  I share this information for that reason only, to be accountable to those I have the opportunity to teach.  I serve out of love for the Savior who changed my life.

Where I Serve

The McCoy House for Sober Living
The McCoy House for Sober Living for Women is a transitional home for women who have completed in-patient addiction treatment.  It’s a place for women to reflect on the past, live in the present and plan for the future, while providing a safe and secure place to start the life-long journey of recovery. I am grateful to serve on the board of directors and as a volunteer.

The 25 Project
My husband and I have been privileged to partner with The 25 Project for several years. I went on my first international mission trip with 25 and have never been the same.

My husband and I worship and serve with the body of Christ at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Madison, MS.  In addition to the regular mission opportunities we engage in, I also co-lead a women’s life group and weekly Bible study there.  I am in fellowship at Ridgecrest with some of the most lovely people on the planet (broken and messy, but still so lovely!).

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