Wrestling with God

I love the story of Jacob and how He wrestled with God. Well, I love it now because I understand it. I used to pass over that account in Genesis as a kind of weird, “that won’t ever happen to me” kind of story.

Until it did.

Looking back on my journey of faith, I’ve wrestled with God on several distinct occasions.

When He called me to stay and fight for a marriage that I wasn’t sure I wanted to save. We wrestled. And He said, “Will you trust Me?” And then we wrestled until I did.

When my dad was facing death square in the face, far too young by my account, and the days were dark and the nights were long. I wrestled with God. And He said, “Will you love Me even if I choose to take Him on to eternity?” And we wrestled until I surrendered my own will–and gave my earthly father up to my Heavenly Father’s will.

When I feared the unknown of a international mission trip. And the possibilities and the danger of the reality set in. And God said, “Will you follow Me even if it means you die for me?” We wrestled until I knew that, yes, I would not only live for Him. I’d die, too. If that is His plan.

Until you’ve wrestled with God, you’ll not know the depth of His love. The power of His hand. Or the grace of His heart. Don’t just walk away. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Wrestle that thing out!

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The Most Loving Thing

Can we ever have families more spiritual in nature than we are as individuals? I can’t model something that I don’t have. I can’t teach something I don’t know. I can’t give away what I don’t myself possess.

The most loving thing you can do for your spouse, children and family is to put God first in your life.  Give them an example to follow, rather than one to avoid.

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Getting Messy

Quite often, the best opportunity to impact my world comes disguised as a  personal relationship.

The enemy of our soul wants us to believe that we are too insignificant to make a difference.  That is a lie.  If even one soul finds truth and grace because of your willingness to engage in the messiness of life with them, that isn’t insignificant. Not all.

Walking beside someone is messy, and it is unpredictable. And it can be painful, and it’s a whole lot safer to stay out of it.

But I know that’s not how the Lord called us to live this life.  Engage in relationship.  And get messy today.

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Everybody Isn’t Anything

I don’t understand people’s need to make broad-sweeping, over generalizing statements.  It demonstrates rigidity and intolerance, goes directly against the teaching we find in God’s Word.

“Everyone” isn’t anything.  Some people may act some ways. But please realize that each person is unique.  And each deserves to be known for his or her own story without assuming you know them based on address, last name or place of birth, just to name a few.

It’s so much harder to dislike someone if you actually get to know them. Just listen to their story. God sees us each individually, and loves us the same way. What if we did that for each other?

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