Who I AM Say I Am

Do you know who you are? I mean, really, really know who you are?  I’m not talking about what you want to be known for. Not even referring to what others think about you.  Rather, who do you know yourself to be?

For many, many years I did not know who I was.  I was a lot of things.  Mostly, I was a chameleon that changed to fit in with which ever group of people I was seeking approval from.  It was ugly.  It was painful.  It was amazingly unfulfilling. And it is so very common among believers today.

The problem?  We’ve looked to everyone and everything except the source of Truth to create our identity.  God’s Word—not the world—is our source for Truth.  When I began to live like it was Truth, specifically, when I began to learn who God says I am in Christ–wow.  My life got flipped upside down.

One of my life’s greatest joys, the thing I can’t not do, is to talk about who we are as God’s children.  Knowing who I AM says I am has changed my life.  I just wrapped up a 4-week session with a group of women in my home, teaching them who they are, too. I trust they’ll never be the same again.

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He Moves Mountains

I do believe that God can literally move mountains.  But sometimes, His plan to accomplish that includes me and a shovel.

Oh yes, He moves the mountain, but He often assigns me to complete some of the work.  How grateful I am to participate in His process.  It has been in the process of moving mountains in my own life that He has revealed to me so very clearly who He is and who I am in Him.

Moving mountains can feel like hard work to us.  Yet, when I look back, it was the process of digging and moving dirt that gave me the spiritual muscle to climb to the top of that mountain once it had been moved. The process was just as beneficial as the outcome.

Hard work, done in faith, can sometimes show His power even more than the instant miracle.

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What Has God Chosen You For?

“Consider now, for the Lord has chosen you to _____________. Be strong and do the work.” -1 Chronicles 28:10
What has God chosen you to do?  For Solomon, it was to build His temple. For you, it may be to build a God-honoring family, or to serve a certain group of people, or to be a minister in your workplace.  Figure out what He has assigned to you.  And whatever He has chosen you to do, be strong and do the work!

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Transformation Is the Point

I am overwhelmingly certain that Jesus means to transform the lives of His children, not merely affect them.

Yet, my eyes see those who claim Christ with their lips while holding tightly to their own desires.  Sweet friend, you’ve not really lived until you’ve let go of all you thought you needed and wanted.  You’ve not really lived until Jesus transforms your entire way of life.

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We Need Each Other

There are some things we simply can not do on our own.  That was once a hard pill to swallow for my independent self.

We need each other.  We need to risk being known by someone else. We need to love someone who can do nothing for us in return.  We grow to look more like Jesus every day that we engage in the life that He has assigned to us.  Really engage with each other.

We need each other to heal. To love.  And to grow to look more like our Savior.  Some things in this life we simply can not do on our own.

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